Any fans of mud riding and puns should appreciate Sedona’s newest tire – the Mudder Inlaw.

“Mudder Inlaw is the only deep lug, eight-ply, puncture resistant, radial mud tire available,” Sedona says in a release. “This tire offers an exceptionally smooth ride and long wear for such an aggressive tire.”

Besides having the best name of any tire in history, the Mudder Inlaw features a two-inch deep center lug that increases to 2 ¼ at the edge. Lugs wrap around the sidewall for improved traction, while a unique check-lug pattern offers what Sedona calls “unrivaled traction in reverse.” As well, Sedona says the self-cleaning tread pattern offers exceptional deep mud traction and a smoother ride than any big lug tire on the market.

Sedona is offering the Mudder Inlaw in 30×10-14 and 32×10-14 sizes. Prices start at $229.95.



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  • Jason Glass

    How much do the 30″ inlaws weigh

  • Brian – Sedona Brand Manager

    Jason, Thanks for your question. My sample 30″ Mudder Inlaws came in at 44lbs each. Mounted on Mamba Beadlock wheels weight was 61. the 32″ Version came in at 68lbs Mounted.

  • Lucas Cooney

    Jason, I’ve sent Sedona your question. Will post their answer here if/when I get it.

  • Zach

    Are there going to be smaller sizes, 28″ 27″ 26″?

  • chip

    Ordered 8 tires in February and they said they were on back order until march 31.when should I be expecting to receive them

    • Lucas Cooney

      Unfortunately, I have no idea what Sedona’s shipping situation is. Contact them directly (or the dealer you bought them from) for more information.

  • Bryan

    I’ve got a set of these on hold at the local Polaris dealer. I’ve been having some problems finding good specs for the 30-10-14’s, load capacity. Are the the sizes a “true” measurement with regard to height?

  • Taylor

    Do these tires wear out easy on the road like terminators 

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