Flush Out a Deceptive Seller

Unfortunate as it may be, many people will hide issues with their machines to get a better price for them. If you look carefully you may be able to spot the cloaked problems, but some could come out in general conversation by accident. The first thing I want to know from any used ATV or UTV owner is how long have they owned the machine and why are they selling it. Common responses include “I have outgrown it” or “I want something different” and maybe even just a simple “I need the money.” This is common and not unacceptable, but your goal is to build a little connection with the seller to hopefully allow him to slip and reveal any questionable tactics he may be putting on you. This is not to say everyone selling a used machine is being deceptive, but I can guarantee you you’ll never hear an owner say he is selling “because I’ve worn it out and I need something dependable!”. Maybe the owner has a detailed list of service notes they can share with you, this would be a great start!



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  • Gaurav Sharma

    This content is very much informative. The comparison provided herein will help you decide if a new or used ATV is best for you.

  • David Smyth

    The enormous joke on used atv’s is they cost as much as a car but by the time they hit 2,000 measly miles No one will buy them. Even my Cub Cadet Lawn Riding Mower comes with a full 3 year warranty not most atv’s 6 months. 6 months of busy trail riding can rack up 2,000 miles and then you are stuck with it. No warranty and very little chance of resale. If the Manufacturers would back up what they make and sell for 3 years than enthusiasts could enjoy their machines and ride them like the joke of a low mileage lease.

  • Don Bennett
  • Greg Serack

    biggest thing in my opinion is stay away from modified sleds,atvs whatever. If performance parts are put on its for one reason and that’s to go hard ,you risk buying something that has been rode hard and put away wet

  • All Seven Tips for Buying a Used ATV or UTV are very Useful . In Colorado, Grand Adventures provide side by side ATV on rent