Check Engine Oil

Dirty engine oil is not necessarily a deal breaker, but should be a valid concern. When oil breaks down and starts to lose its effective lubricity and cooling properties, metal parts will begin to wear out quickly. Pull the dipstick and see what you’re buying. Very clean engine oil in a machine that is old can also set off alarms in my head as it could mean the owner has flushed out potential issues. It’s a gamble either way, but worth looking at. If the engine has an oil filter search for it as well to see if it has been changed recently. You might ask the owner if it has been serviced, but you will want to see for yourself to prove the claim.



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  • Gaurav Sharma

    This content is very much informative. The comparison provided herein will help you decide if a new or used ATV is best for you.

  • David Smyth

    The enormous joke on used atv’s is they cost as much as a car but by the time they hit 2,000 measly miles No one will buy them. Even my Cub Cadet Lawn Riding Mower comes with a full 3 year warranty not most atv’s 6 months. 6 months of busy trail riding can rack up 2,000 miles and then you are stuck with it. No warranty and very little chance of resale. If the Manufacturers would back up what they make and sell for 3 years than enthusiasts could enjoy their machines and ride them like the joke of a low mileage lease.

  • Don Bennett
  • Greg Serack

    biggest thing in my opinion is stay away from modified sleds,atvs whatever. If performance parts are put on its for one reason and that’s to go hard ,you risk buying something that has been rode hard and put away wet

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