Cleaning your plastics is a little more of a delicate process. Be sure to rinse all mud, sand or grit from the plastics before hand washing. Use a good dish liquid or car soap in warm water to get the best results. It’s a fact that the warm water helps loosen greasy film and dirt or mud stains. Rinse the washcloth many times to get any potential debris out of the cloth. You do not want to scratch the plastics. While you may be tempted to just spray the degreaser all over the plastics like you do with the metal components, it could dull some plastic finishes and you want to avoid this at all costs!



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  • Brett

    The super clean purple cleaner will etch aluminum if left on a couple of minutes, making it harder to clean in the future. Clear Dawn dish soap is one of the best cleaners I have found .  

  • 570thrasher

    What mag wheel cleaner do you recommend?