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So we have all the grease off of the engine bay and engine, but it still has a dull brownish stained look and you feel like it will just not come off. Not so fast, there is a product you can find at many auto parts stores called Mag Wheel Cleaner. Now this is important so listen close – this stuff is an etching chemical that is bad for your skin and eyes. Wear gloves and at least clear safety glasses before getting started.

Spray the Mag Wheel Cleaner on any aluminum engine parts or differentials, allow it to soak in for a minute or two and rinse for an incredible bright aluminum look that is sure to impress. Do not, however, spray it on paint. As the name suggests, it can also be used to clean wheels, but may leave the finish dull so test a small area before using it on aluminum wheels. You will notice the difference as the machine dries. This works amazingly on aluminum nerf bars and bumpers.



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  • Brett

    The super clean purple cleaner will etch aluminum if left on a couple of minutes, making it harder to clean in the future. Clear Dawn dish soap is one of the best cleaners I have found .  

  • 570thrasher

    What mag wheel cleaner do you recommend?