Cleaning the tires can be a task and this is where a good tire cleaner like Bleach White or Super Clean can get the job done without you ever scrubbing for even a second. Simply spray on and rinse off. If the tires have stubborn mud or dirt stains, just repeat the process. You may have to scrub a little if you haven’t cleaned your tires in ages.

In our experience, tire dressing sprays or silicone attracts dust and effects some rubber, so stay clear of that stuff. Besides, it looks horrible if too much is applied.

One final tip – a simple putty knife or hard plastic bristled brush scraped across the white letters (if you have them) can transform them back to like-new condition.



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  • Brett

    The super clean purple cleaner will etch aluminum if left on a couple of minutes, making it harder to clean in the future. Clear Dawn dish soap is one of the best cleaners I have found .  

  • 570thrasher

    What mag wheel cleaner do you recommend?