Just picture the best trail and the crew of buddies you have been waiting to ride with all in one location. You make it out onto the trailhead and then the competitive nature of hill climbing, rock crawling, or mud bogging comes into play.

One thing leads to another when you or a friend manages to drop a beastly ATV or Side-by-Side off into something that the machine alone cannot get out of.

This is where you will have to become familiar with the winch on the front of the rig. If you do not know how to use it right, you may be in for more of a hassle than a recovery. But never fear; we have put together a few tips that will hopefully keep you looking like a pro – you may even get to play hero and rescue one of your buddies.

Most of this advice is nothing more than common sense but if you do not know you will be in more of a jam should you get stuck on the trail. Practice using your winch and take the time to inspect the cable, drum and fair lead after each use.

You’ll also want to carry a winch accessory bag, as it contains the tools we’ll show you how to use.



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