It happens every year. My wife and kids ask me what I want for Father’s Day and as quickly as I tell them, the information gets filed away with homework, old recipes, ATM card PINs and other bits of stuff that has long been forgotten. They then rush out to find a last-minute gift idea that shows that they still care, even though the gift was bought just in the nick of time. I have been thinking about this for some time and have decided that this year was going to be different. I wrote out a list of ideas for last minute Father’s Day gifts that I, or any other dad, would love to have. I’m even being nice enough to share it so other dads out there can get some pretty sweet stuff.

Cabela’s RLS+ Fly Combo

Fly Rod Reel

Dads don’t want ties. They’d rather tie on a fly and go fly fishing. Trust me on this, I speak from experience. This fly rod combo used to sell for over $300, but now Cabela’s sells it for less than half that. It’s a great rod, outstanding reel and includes the fly line and a compact carry case to go with it. It is perfect for throwing into the back of a UTV and heading off for a quiet day of fishing on some secluded river.

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Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair

Lounge Chair

You know how dad has his chair. Well, now dad can have his chair anywhere he goes. This is one of the better “zero-gravity” lounge chairs out there. Big and roomy, with a durable steel frame and heavy-duty construction means this baby is going to last a long time. This is a great for kicking back in camp, along the trail, or just out in the yard.

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Classic Socks

Dirt Bike Socks

Dad doesn’t want socks, unless, of course, they’re really cool socks. What’s cooler than dirt bike socks? The guy who came up with these socks said it best. It’s “about leaving all the world’s problems behind, putting on your helmet with a smile and riding off into the sunset.” Sounds good. Let’s ride!

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Yeti Rambler 30oz.

Yeti Rambler

Dad deserves a drink. And he deserves to have that drink stay hot or cold for a long time. I heard a story the other day about a truck that caught fire and when they got the fire out, the truck was a total loss, but sitting in the cupholder was one of these Yeti Ramblers with ice still in the drink.

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Husqvarna 445 Chain Saw

Husqvarna Chain Saw

Great for clearing trails, cutting firewood, or intimidating your daughter’s dates, the Husqvarna 445 is on every dad’s wish list. These are some of the best saws out there, so if your dad has been hinting at a saw, it was probably this one.

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ATV Key Chain

If you’re not going to hand dad the keys to a new ATV, the least you can do is hand him a new ATV keychain, right? I’ve got to admit, this is pretty cool.

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Ogio Gear Bag

Ogio Gear Bag

If dad’s idea of a good time is going riding, as it should be, then he’s going to need a way to keep all his gear together. What better way than what the pros use? Ogio makes the best gear bags, and Dad can even use it for travel. Sounds good.

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Pit Posse White 5 Gallon Fuel Jug W/Hose

Gas Can

Okay, it may seem silly to get dad a gas can for a gift, but trust me – he’ll love it. These jugs will dump five gallons of gas into the ATV or UTV super fast and will actually do so without making a huge mess. If dad has a machine, he needs the right kind of gas can.

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Honda ATV Hat

Ties are lame, but hats are cool. Dads can appreciate a cool hat, and getting one that supports his favorite brand of ATV, UTV, dirt bike or riding gear will make it all the better. You can never go wrong with a hat.

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Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix Gloves

Whether dad is tinkering in the garage on the UTV, spinning wrenches on the kid’s dirt bike, or working on a project in the backyard with the new chainsaw you bought him, he’s going to appreciate a good pair of gloves. For working on stuff, there’s none better than Mechanix Wear Gloves. They fit great, protect the hands and are very versatile. I love ‘em and always hope to unwrap a new pair.

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