If you are searching for a way to extend your next ATV or UTV ride, being able to carry more fuel is a must. Fortunately there are a lot of great fuel cans to choose from.

But don’t go looking at just any fuel can from a big box store. They all seem to come with these no-spill safety spouts that might work with other gas-powered stuff around the house, but surely don’t seem to work with an ATV or UTV worth a darn. They spill or snap back out so you don’t end up with any gas in the tank. It’s a level of frustration we don’t need.

Luckily, we’re not alone and you can find a number of excellent fuel cans designed with the off-roader in mind. Here are five fuel cans that will save your sanity and refill your gas tank quickly and easily.


VP Racing Surecan: ATV and UTV Fuel Cans

The SURECAN works a little different than your standard can. Instead of you dumping the gas in, you position the can above the fuel tank, insert the nozzle into the hole and hit the trigger. It’s a little like using a pump in that you can control the flow of fuel into the tank. It’s self-ventilating and made in the USA. All the moving parts are well made and built to last. They run about $50 and are well worth it.

Gas up with one here.

LC2 Utility can

LC2 Fuel Can: ATV and UTV Fuel Cans

These sturdy cans have handles on either side and have a wide cap on top along with a vent. Get the additional hose kit that works with the cap and you can dump all five gallons of gas into the tank in a hurry. These cans are measured out in gallons and liters and come in several colors. They are D.O.T. approved and work well. I have several myself and am very happy with them. At under $30, plus another $6 or so for the fill tube, and you are all set.

Fuel your ride here.

Rotopax Fuel Pack

Rotopax: ATV and UTV Fuel Cans

One of the issues with hauling extra gas with you on the trail is how much room the cans can take up. The Rotopax pack is designed to mount on your machine and take up as little space as possible. It uses the same type of construction as a kayak, being rotomolded. This adds a lot of strength and durability to the pack. These packs carry a lifetime warranty and will hold three gallons of fuel.

Pack your fuel up here.

Tuff Jug

Tuff Jug: ATV and UTV Fuel Cans

On its own, the Tuff Jug is just a nice, easy-to-use gas can. But the Tuff Jug also has a fast-fill cap on it that will dump five gallons of gas into your tank in 37 seconds! Need to refuel in a hurry? Not a problem with the Tuff Jug. The can senses when you’re about to overflow and shuts itself down; a nice touch when you’re dumping gas fast.

Refuel in a hurry here.

VP Racing Sportsman Container

VP Racing Sportsman: ATV and UTV Fuel Cans

The VP Racing Sportsman container is a nice, five-gallon can. It comes with a hose kit to fill your tank faster and easier. This can is available in green to be a little more discreet for the outdoorsman. And, should you want one for something other than gas, the Sportsman is FDA approved for water storage. Just don’t get it mixed up with the gas can if you do. That would be a disaster.

Snag your own here.



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