PEDCO, LLC has released its children’s Hit-Air airbag vest in the United States.

According to PEDCO, the KV (Kid Vest) represents a significant advancement in child’s safety apparel for ATVs.

“The Hit-Air [ATV] vest incorporates an airbag system that inflates in one half second when a rider is accidentally ejected to protect the neck, torso and hip,” PEDCO says in a release. “It also uses CE certified armor to protect the shoulders, elbows, and the spine.”

A coiled wire is attached to the ATV and the jacket. Once the rider and the motorcycle are separated, the coiled wire pulls a ‘key’ out of a gas release system and inert gas inflates the air bag. The inflated jacket provides the necessary impact protection. After a few seconds the gas is automatically released through the gas release valve.

The vest, which retails for $379.99, comes in small, medium and large sizes for children that weigh between 50 and 80 pounds and are between 3’ 9” to 4’ 9” tall.

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