Shopping for the holidays  can be a pain, but if you have an ATV or UTV owner on your list, it doesn’t have to be. Let the Holiday Gift Guide help you cross a few things off your list.


Exhaust: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Buying an exhaust opens up performance options and increases the cool factor for the owner of the ATV or UTV. This is surely a great surprise for Christmas morning. Getting a good quality exhaust is the goal, though, so investigate thoroughly before purchasing.


Tires: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

It is inevitable that tires will eventually wear out, but sometimes the off-road enthusiast will want to change the tread for their favorite riding conditions. Be sure to purchase tires specifically built to handle the weight and performance of the machine they will be going onto.

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Most would say a really cool look is one of the ways to dress up an ATV or UTV. Getting custom graphics for Christmas is exciting and the receiver of the new decals will love you forever.

Oil Change Kit

Oil Change Kit: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Most ATV/UTV owners will take their machine to a certified dealer for service but there are some real men and women left in the world who actually change their own oil. Getting a kit with the oil and filter as well as a funnel for refilling the engine will surely bring a smile.


UTV Roof: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Getting a roof for your UTV on Christmas is not only a great gift, but it also means that the sun and rain are at least stifled during your ride. It is also a great way to start that enclosed cab project for the winter time off roader in your life.


Heated Grips: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Hanging on to your handle bars is important, but during the winter time it can be a chilly experience. Some companies offer heated grips that change the way you look at your winter ride.


Fly Kinetic Helmet: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone knows that the wisest driver or rider wears a good quality helmet. Safety is important and there is a brain bucket for any head.


Goggles: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Keeping their eyes protected is also a great idea for a special person in your life who loves off roading. The next best thing when it comes to Goggles, though, might just be the ones that do not fog up. No fog goggles should be considered for sure.

Fuel Treatment

Fuel Treatment: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Whether they have an ATV or UTV, someday it could become affected by fuel issues. Keeping a spare bottle of fuel system cleaner around for that stocking stuffer might just be the difference between the rider being able to hit the trails or stuck in the garage.

Tire Plug Kit

Tire Plug Kit: ATV Holiday Gift Guide

Flat tires are terrible for morale and if you have no way to fix it there could be tears shed in the garage. So the gift that keeps on giving is a tire plug kit.



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