Action cameras exploded onto the scene several years ago and have remained an extremely cool way to capture the memories of your riding adventures. These small, lightweight cameras have completely changed the way video is captured with exceptional video quality, rugged housings and easy-to-use editing software. Just like cell phones, each year new technologies come along that improve these cameras. Here are five new action cameras for capturing some riding memories and sharing them with your friends.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro started the compact camera revolution and remains the biggest player in the game. The latest, the Hero 5 Black, takes video quality up a notch with 4K clarity, voice control, and the most important feature for off-road junkies – image stabilization. These cameras are waterproof and have a simple one-button control, making turning the camera on and recording while riding much easier. With a ton of accessories and different mounts, there is a way to capture high-quality video of every part of your ride. Click here for more information.

Garmin VIRB 360

Garmin VIRB 360

If you’ve watched any of the pro motocross coverage this summer (and the racing has been awesome so you totally should) then you’ve seen the Garmin VIRB 360 camera in action. These amazing cameras cover a full 360 degrees of action around you, all in stunning 4K video quality. Garmin, a company known as a leader in GPS technology, has packed this little camera full of features. Click here for more information.


360Fly Camera

360Fly was one of the first action-cameras to feature true 360-degree video. The latest camera from 360Fly has 4K video quality as well as first-person POV, motion/audio active modes, and a very cool time-lapse mode. What’s more impressive is that this camera does all of this with a single lens. The camera’s housing is water, dust and shock resistant. It also has a built-in e-compass and non-assisted GPS feature. Click here for more information.

Cyclops Gear Panoramic 360

Cyclops Camera

If there was ever an action camera designed for UTV and ATV use, it’s the 360 Panoramic from Cyclops. Cyclops partnered up with Can-Am to make these sweet cameras the perfect thing for capturing your ride in every detail.

The camera has a 220-degree, super wide-angle panoramic lens. The lens has 7G layers for clear, 4K video quality for the entire 360-degrees. It has a magnetic base and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. And unlike other cameras, it comes with a 50-meter waterproof case, a 32GB micro SD card, and a 1050mAh cold weather battery. The kit comes with a helmet, handlebar and roll cage mount. It also has a J-hook mount, flat and curved mounts, a quick clip mount, a pivot arm mount, and an adapter mount. Click here for more information.

WASPcam 9900

WASPcam 9900

The WASP proves that good things come in small packages. These tiny action cameras offer 1080p30, 960p30 or 720p60 video quality modes as well as time lapse capability. The camera comes with several mounts and a durable, waterproof housing. It also comes with a sweet wrist-wearable controller. You can also upload an app that lets you record right to your phone for uploading videos to Instagram and other social media platforms. What sets the WASP apart from others, besides all the included accessories, is the price. You can get into a WASP for around $200. Click here for more information.

GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero Session

GoPro took what users were asking for and delivered with the Hero Session cameras. These compact, lightweight cameras simplify the action camera down to a simple, one-button function that both turns the camera on and starts recording. The housing of the session is waterproof and shock resistant, eliminating the need for an external housing. By taking the camera down to the simplest of features, the cost goes down too, with Session cameras available for under $200. You still get 1080P video resolution and 8MP still images. Not to shabby! Click here for more information.



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