Juice Boost ECU for Suzuki LT-R450

Compatible with Two Brothers Racing's Juice Box

Story by ATV.com Staff, May. 21, 2008

Two Brothers Racing of Santa Ana, Calif. has announced the release of its new Juice Boost Engine Control Unit, which is available for the 2006-08 Suzuki LT-R450.

According to Two Brothers Racing, by plugging in the Juice Boost ECU bypass module, the LT-R450 will automatically be programmed to utilize a secondary racing engine map hidden inside the stock Suzuki.

“Just plug it into the stock wiring harness and feel the boost,” Two Brothers Racing says in a release.

This race mapping is designed for use with an aftermarket exhaust and modified air box, adding seven additional horsepower and boosting the rev limiter from 9,500 to 10,000 rpm. According to the company, the Juice Boost ECU is the perfect compliment to Two Brothers Racing’s LT-R450 full-race exhaust system.

For even more power gains, the Juice Boost ECU is designed to be 100% compatible with Two Brothers Racing’s Juice Box Premium Fuel Controller. The Juice Box installs in-line between the Juice Boost and the injectors and adjusts fuel delivery with the push of a button.

“This allows you to add necessary fuel to the engine after modifications and fine-tunes delivery to maximize power gains across the board,” says Two Brothers Racing.

The Juice Boost ECU has an MSRP of $39.98, while the Juice Box retails for $299.98.

Visit http://www.twobros.com/ for more details and installation instructions.

This Dyno compares a stock LT-R450 to one equipped two seperate Two Brothers Racing exhausts and a Juice Boost ECU.