Popular TV shows like Orange County Choppers and the like made popular the concept of creating themed builds; taking a vehicle and retro fitting it to follow a particular theme like a fighter jet, a fire engine or even the space shuttle. Today’s army of UTV builders have followed suit. Here are seven of the coolest and most creative UTV builds we’ve seen recently.

Mad max

Mad Max RZR

Everyone’s favorite tow truck

Mater Teryx

Gott love some Hawaiian Punch


This one comes with its own theme song

Iron Man

If the most interesting man in the world had a RZR

You have to have mad respect for people who go “all in.”

A photo posted by TMW OFF-ROAD (@tmwoffroad) on

The Rat RZR, best looking bucket of rust we’ve seen!


A photo posted by Cody Hooper (@in2dirt_media) on



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