This is dead wrong. So you may not like ATVs riding past your house, but he certainly wasn’t “racing” and he did nothing that would even suggest conflict except try and remove the man’s hand from his ATV after he tried to grab the front break. This is a major overstep on this guy’s part and we hope that justice is served. Thankfully the ATV rider was unharmed and had the good sense to keep his camera rolling. What would you have done in this situation?



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  • r21954

    It is illegal to ride the atv on the road. Nothing else to say. Keep your non insured non plated unregistered motor vehicle off the road. It also doesn’t meet any of the federal safety standards that automobiles are required to meet.

    • ARC1111

      First off, it is NOT illegal to ride on all roads (educate yourself). Secondly, only fascist say only their opinion matters (“nothing else to say”). Thirdly, Many if not most ATV’s are insured and registered!. Lastly, NOT all vehicles using roads are required to meet automobile safety standards (ingress and egress for ONE example, farm equipment for another, many rural towns another……….). P.S. I was a correctional officer and if I did this I would have lost my job the next day.

      • r21954

        You’re the uneducated idiot. He was within his rights. Just because some counties and townships don’t enforce the state’s laws just like some states don’t enforce federal laws doesn’t make the law go away dumb ass.

        • ARC1111

          Dear progressive……. please tell me you have more than swearing and cussing. I literally spelled it out for you, again, there are hundreds of smaller towns and county’s that HAVE passed laws that make it LEGAL for registered/licensed ATV’s/UTV’s/motorcycles to ride on public roads. For example the Hatfield & McCoy area of WV, and the massive trail/road network in the Richfield UT. area. Once again I did my part to educate those who really swallowed the public school indoctrination whole hog. Don’t hate those with other opinions and NEEDS, as I’m a 100% disabled veteran, and I need motorized transportation to get around, thus my means of getting out in nature is an atv. good luck fighting the world!

          • r21954

            You’re the idiot that falls for these stupid set ups. The video is only part of a story made to upset you nuts who think you can do what ever you want. Cities and counties can’t over ride state law with their phoney ordinances. Pull your a tv out in front of my vehicle and you’ll find out where you stand. Last I new calling an idiot a dumb ass isn’t swearing. I was in the motorcycle and atv business for 30 years. Noone needs an ATV or dirt bike to ride on the road.

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