2025 Polaris Sportsman 570 6x6 Has Six-Wheel-Drive, Huge Capability

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

The six-wheeled all-terrain-vehicle segment isn't exactly bursting with excitement or innovation, but Polaris is hoping to turn that notion around a bit with its 2025 Sportsman 6X6 570 line. Based on the brand's midsize utility four-wheeler, the six-wheeler touts the ability to put traction to all of its six tires, and a slew of new goodies to help make it as capable of an ATV as the company can offer.

At the core of the Sportsman 6x6 570 lives a chassis that Polaris proudly claims is two-times as rigid as its predecessor. This translates to a more comfortable riding experience and improved handling, but more crucially for this machine, it also helps with structural integrity and thus towing and hauling ability.

And haul, it can: The Sportsman 6x6 570 can carry 800 pounds in its cargo box, which also features a dump function to help unload things like dirt, rocks, and so on. Inside the box live integrated D-rings and multiple tie-down points. The front rack is only rated for 90 pounds, but the total payload capacity is a very healthy 1,115 pounds. The Sportsman 6x6 570 can also tow 1,500 pounds, and while some four-wheelers match that, it undoubtedly does so with less drama thanks to the additional stability brought by two sets of rear tires.

Powering the mid-bore machine is a 567cc ProStar four-stroke single cylinder engine that makes 44 horsepower, which should be just enough to motive the 1,187 pound ATV around the farm, yard, or trail when it's loaded down.

Polaris didn't stop there, instead adding quite a bit in the way of niceties, tech, and helpful additions to make using the Sportsman 6x6 570 both easier and more enjoyable. Up front there's new LED headlights and an LED pod light, which will help with visibility and getting chores done at night, too. The 6x6 has an all-digital gauge, 26" tires all around, and a healthy 11.5 inches of ground clearance thanks in part to arched a-arms up front and dual a-arms out back. Polaris also included a 3,500 pound winch with synthetic rope, which will be helpful if you somehow manage to get the six-wheel-drive machine stuck. Yes, that's right: Polaris' One Touch On-Demand AWD can distribute power to all six tires.

Many buyers looking for the capability that the Sportsman 6x6 570 offers will opt instead for a UTV, but it's good to see Polaris offering a heavier-duty ATV alongside its steering wheel-bearing brethren. The Sportsman 6x6 570 represents a narrower, more nimble and perhaps easier to use machine than its UTV counterparts, and some buyers just prefer to do their work behind a set of handlebars. Kudos to Polaris for helping to keep this tiny segment alive.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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