DRT Motorsports Launches Upgrades For The Segway Villain SX10

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

Aftermarket parts supplier DRT Motorsports has just announced a variety of upgrades for Segway's Villain SX10 side-by-side. This includes a front winch bumper, aluminum front grille, and tire carrier with "adventure rack."

First up of the trio of modifications from DRT is the front winch bumper. It combines the bumper and winch into one unit, which improves integrity while simplifying the process of adding a winch to the Segway UTV. It bolts right on so install should be fairly easy.

Also featured up front is the company's aluminum front grille, which is both an aesthetic and functional upgrade for Villain SX10 models. It integrates directly into the side-by-side's front end, adding additional protection against debris and objects that can harm the vehicle's vital components. It, too, is a bolt-on addition.

Last but not least is DRT's rear tire. It includes an "adventure rack," which is basically a platform onto which users can bolt things like tool boxes, coolers, spare tires, camping gear, and so on. DRT is also selling this kit with an included Y-strap for keeping things secured, as well as an "adventure bag" which is presumably exactly what it sounds like. DRT says this whole unit bolts right on and can hold up to a 33" spare tire.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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