Enhance Your Polaris Ranger with Accessories from StarknightMT

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There is no denying the extreme popularity of the Polaris Ranger UTV. It is easily the number-one selling machine in North America and a standard by which other machines are compared. Along with the popularity of the machine comes a wide range of accessories for owners to customize the Ranger to fit their style and needs.

When a company enters the crowded Ranger accessory marketplace, they know going in that it is a challenge. One of the newest players is StarknightMT and this company competes with quality and value, making it a brand you should definitely consider when you want to enhance your Polaris Ranger with some sweet custom accessories.

Here are six Polaris Ranger accessories from StarknightMT worth checking out.

Be sure to use the code SKATV at checkout to save 15% on your order.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000/Crew Vented Front Windshield

StarknightMT’s Ranger 1000 vented, full-windshield has two adjustable vents for added airflow, a key element to enjoying a windshield in the summer months. The adjustable vents combine the advantages of a full windshield with the added airflow you get from a half windshield. This maintains ventilation while still giving you protection from dirt, dust and debris. The windshield is made of high-quality polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating that adds UV protection. This windshield matches perfectly with StarknightMT’s rear panel.

Polaris Ranger Rear Windshield

If you run a front windshield, you need the rear panel to keep from eating dust all day long. What better way to do it than with a tinted rear panel offers a clear view while still being tough and durable? The StarknightMT rear windshield is made from tough polycarbonate that is coated for UV ray and scratch resistance. It comes with all the installation parts you need, along with detailed instructions. The instal should take you about five minutes and no drilling is required. It fits a wide variety of Ranger models, including Ranger XP 1000 (2017-25), Ranger 1000 (2020-25), Ranger XP 900 (2013-19), and Ranger Full Size 570 (2015).

Polaris Ranger Storage Box

Using a machine, like a Polaris Ranger lets you go just about anywhere and do all kinds of fun stuff. If you have gear you want to take along, like binoculars, tools, tow straps, or more, you need a secure place to carry it, and that’s where this storage box comes in. It provides 24 liters of space that is molded from impact-resistant, low-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers to help fend off sun damage. This box handles a lot of weight and has a waterproof rubber gasket seal along the closure to keep out rain, dust, mud, and other little things. It easily mounts anywhere in the cargo bed using Polaris Lock-N-Ride slots and with the included mounting hardware. It also has built-in security with a combination lock system.

Seat Covers

You may not think about seat covers right away, but get a hole in your seats on your Ranger and you’ll wish you had covers. Luckily StarknightMT makes a sweet set for Ranger Crew models that help, especially if you like to take the four-legged members of the family along for rides. These seat covers are made from a durable, water-repellent fabric and secured using buckled straps and magic tape, so they don’t slide all around like some seat covers do. They were designed to be puncture resistant too, so your dog’s nails won’t go ripping your seats to shreds. They are a universal fit, so some tweaking will be required for a perfect fit, but they do a great job and will keep your Ranger looking good for many miles.

Waterproof Cover

It is one thing to take your Ranger, or other UTV out on a fun excursion and to bring it home wet and muddy from the fun times you had. It is something completely different when it gets wet, filthy and nasty just sitting in your yard because of the weather, the sun, or something else. That is where a good cover is worth its weight in gold. Luckily, you don’t have to spend that much to get a sweet cover for your machine. The StarknightMT UTV cover is made of water-repellent 420D fabric, with a UV-resistant PE cloth, and waterproof PU lining. It has double-stitched seams sealed with waterproof tape to ensure protection from rain, damaging UV rays, dust, mud, snow, and other damage.

Ranger XP 1000 Front Bumper

Adding a front bumper to a Ranger XP 1000 to extend the coverage is a great idea, but can be a very pricey one. Not the case with the StarknightMT Ranger XP 1000 Front Bumper Kit. This easy, bolt-on addition works with the stock front bumper to add a complete, wrap-around brush-guard style bumper to your ranger without needing to weld anything, or even drill any holes. It adds protection to your Ranger and the black, powder-coated steel construction looks factory installed while adding a lot of protection and good looks to your machine.

Sweetening the pot

How could we make these products even better? How about a discount code? Use code SKATV at checkout and get an additional 15% off your price. It doesn’t get much better than that, having a nice discount on already sweet prices. Your Ranger will look and function better than ever, and you’ll save some extra money for gas and snacks, too! Happy trail riding!

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with StarknightMT

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