Polaris Announces 2023 Geared For Good Responsibility Campaign Results

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

Polaris has released the report from its 2023 Geared For Good campaign, an effort designed to create a positive impact with the people and in the communities in which its influence extends. This corporate social responsibility endeavor spans four pillars-- product, production, places, and people-- to cover the company's bases and not only help the company do good upon the community, but certainly to help boost its social profile as well.

Polaris' Geared For Good program is a push to create a positive impact on those involved with the company (both directly and indirectly) while minimizing the environmental impact of the company's doings. It covers four items: Product (with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental impact), Production (reducing the negative consequences brought about by its operations), Places (working to bring a positive impact on land and water), and People (focusing on safety in the workplace and on the trail). Some of these efforts overlap, like working on a 22-megawatt solar storage project in Texas, while others are directed purposefully at what buyers are looking for, like specific models and features.

The program has big goals for the near and distant future. By 2035, Polaris wants its production to be run on 75% renewable energy while it's striving to make 90% of the components in new off-road vehicles from renewable contents. Part of the initiative is also to donate money to local foundations and causes, of which roughly $225,000 was given in 2023. There's a wide swath of other goals which can be found within the full report, too.

"As a part of Polaris’ mission to deliver great experiences for everyone who works or plays outdoors, we believe in being good stewards and operating in a way that helps support positive outdoor experiences for years to come,” said Mike Speetzen, Chief Executive Officer at Polaris. “From promoting safe and responsible riding, to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations to partnerships with The National Forest Foundation or supporting our local communities, our THINK OUTSIDE mindset extends beyond our products. We are proud of the progress made in our four Geared For Good efforts and our contributions to helping more people get outside.”

Those interested can find the full 2023 Geared For Good report on Polaris' Corporate Responsibility page.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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