Polaris Announces Feature-Heavy 2025 Sportsman 570 2-Up ATVs

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot
Polaris has announced its latest new models

Polaris is set to push the envelope in the ATV market, announcing today the refreshed Sportsman 570 2-Up, X2 570, and all-new Touring 570 and 6x6 570. These 2025 models are slightly more niche than the more mainstream standard 570 models, but they fill out a sector of the category that brings a specific need and usage case that's irreplaceable elsewhere.

All 2025 Sportsman 570 2-Up models have been given an array of updated, upgraded niceties, and features to make the models more comfortable, functional, and easier to use. The passenger seat can now be removed without tools for added versatility, and both the driver and passenger seat have been softened and have integrated heating functionality. The driver and passengers' hand grips are heated now, too. Meanwhile, storage has increased to an industry-leading 11 gallons that comes largely by way of the new six-gallon storage compartment that lives under the quad's rear rack.

On the structure and performance front, Polaris claims the chassis is two times more rigid than before, which translates to improved handling and a more comfortable ride. A more rigid chassis allows the machine's suspension to do its job more easily and to a better degree, and Polaris has improved the suspension for the Touring 570 as well, adding revised bushings to the setup. Sportsman 570 2-Up models enjoy up to 9.5 inches of rear travel. Polaris also claims that the service interval has been doubled on all 570 2-Up models, increasing the required time between oil changes and other maintenance.

Polaris didn't leave the upgrades to the mechanical side of things, instead tweaking the design language as well. In addition to new styling, the LED headlights and handlebar-mounted pod have been improved for added brightness. There's also a 7-inch RIDE COMMAND touchscreen, which allows for GPS mapping, the ability to connect riders' machines wirelessly, and more.

The modular racks and storage system also means Polaris' own accessories can be bolted up with ease. There are over 90 available, including things like bumpers, storage boxes, supplemental lighting, snow plows, windshields, and more.

Pricing for the 2025 Sportsman 570 models is as follows:

  • Sportsman Touring 570 – Starting at $9,999 U.S. MSRP ($12,889 CA MSRP)
  • Sportsman Touring 570 EPS – Starting at $10,999 U.S. MSRP ($13,789 CA MSRP)
  • Sportsman Touring 570 Premium – Starting at $12,499 U.S. MSRP ($15,489 CA MSRP)
  • Sportsman X2 570 – Starting at $13,999 U.S. MSRP ($18,989 CA MSRP)
  • Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate – Starting at $14,499 U.S. MSRP ($17,389 CA MSRP)
  • Sportsman 6x6 570 – Starting at $14,999 U.S. MSRP ($18,889 CA MSRP)

The second most expensive of the models listed above, the 570 Ultimate also gets goodies like USB charging, 26" Duro tires, 14" aluminum wheels, a 3,500 pound Polaris HD winch, and dual arched a-arms front and rear.

Polaris has also added two purpose-built work machines to the 570 lineup for 2025. The X2 570 is equipped with a 400-pound capacity dump bed that makes material and supply hauling easy. The X2 570 is also equipped with Turf Mode, front rack extender, and 3,500 pound Polaris HD winch. There's also the 6x6 570, which boasts an 800-pound capacity dump box that also gets D-rings and tie-down points. The 6x6 570 gets a 3,500 pound winch, too, as well as true six-wheel-drive.

Overall, this is a big, fairly comprehensive update to Polaris' mid-range ATV lineup. It's a good move for the brand that gives it some nice new features and benefits in a class that has seen a rise in popularity as of late. While 2-Up models are for those with a specific need to carry more than one passenger at least some of the time, this makes the Polaris models that much more appealing for those looking at a machine in this segment.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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