Protect Your Head with New Helmets From Moose Racing

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One of the subjects we cover often is that of the importance of a helmet and wearing one whenever you go for a ride. There are a lot of different helmets on the market, but not all helmets are created equal. You need a helmet with advanced safety features, but those features often drive up the cost of the helmet. Moose Racing has three new helmets that bridge the divide between cost and safety by having a perfect blend of style, function, value and protection.

For the UTV Crowd

UTVs have really evolved into a special category of off-road enjoyment. With a ROPS cage and seat belts, these machines offer a fun way to explore the world and bring along friends. Because of the cage, seat belts, and often times, doors, some people think that they don’t need to wear a helmet. Here’s the problem – just because you have a cage and a seat belt, that doesn’t mean you’re safe. In the event of an accident, things can enter the cage, like tree limbs, rocks, and much more. You can also bang your head off the cage itself should things go wrong in a roll over. A helmet can help protect you from all of that and, in the case of the Moose Racing Air Intake helmet, do much more.

The Moose Racing Air Intake helmet is designed for use with an air system, something desert riders have used for a long time. It is a full-face helmet with a shield and a top-mounted air intake that allows you to hook the helmet to a fresh-air pump. How these work is, there is a pump system that sits behind the seats that uses an air filter and a forced-air fan to pull fresh, dust-free air into the helmet. When you’re out in dusty conditions, sucking in dust all day is not fun or healthy. 

The Moose Racing Air Intake helmet keeps dust out of your lungs and eyes. If you don’t have a pump system, there are aftermarket air filters that can attach to the intake to filter the air, too. The helmet also includes a neck curtain that attaches to the bottom of the helmet and tucks into your jacket or jersey to keep dust from sneaking in. The helmet is made from injected ABS with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate shield. Fully-removable and washable moisture-wicking pads give you a comfortable fit. The Moose Air Intake helmet is ECE 22.06 and DOT approved. It doesn’t include air hoses, but with an MSRP of just $149.95 – yes, you read that right – it is a smoking deal for the UTV scene.

F.I. Deceit

The only thing that is deceitful about the Moose Racing F.I. Deceit helmet is how much safety and value is packed into a helmet at this price range. Seriously, how did they pack so much into a helmet yet keep it at just $149.95? It is MIPS equipped for your added safety along with ECE 22.06 and DOT certification. It uses a lightweight injection-molded polycarbonate shell with a multi-density EPS liner and removable, moisture-wicking padding. To add to the comfort level, Moose built in nine intake vents that feed the central air channels and three exhaust vents to pull air back out, helping to keep your head cooler.

The F.I. Deceit uses a friction hinge visor to keep it in place and the extra-large eye port not only gives you a better field of view, but the rubberized grips on the sides also help secure your goggle strap to keep it in place so you don’t worry about goggles slipping when the trail gets a little rough. The chin bar has a detachable nose guard to help keep rocks, mud, and roost out of your face. This is all wrapped up in a pretty sweet-looking helmet.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Moose Racing also has a FI helmet for youth riders that takes a lot of the features of the adult F.I. and scales them down into a cool-looking youth model. Finished in Moose’s fun and colorful Vaporwave scheme, the Moose Racing Youth FI Vaporwave has the same MIPS system as the adult version. It uses a polycarbonate shell with removable liner and cooling vents built in. At $129.95, this is another value-packed helmet from Moose that proves you don’t have to spend a lot to get safety features and cool looks in a protective package. You can check out this helmet and more at Moose Racing.


With good reason, there has been a big focus on reducing head injuries, and MIPS technology is one of the innovations in helmet design looking to better protect your brain. In an impact, rotational motion can occur, which can lead to unwanted energy being transferred to the rider’s head. With MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) technology, that rotational motion can be redirected away from the brain.

BPS consists of a low-friction layer inserted between the shell and the liner of the helmet. In an angled head impact, this design helps deflect energy because the low-friction layer slides relative to the head. The low-friction layer is able to move slightly in all directions, which reduces the rotational motion that is transmitted to the brain in an impact. By absorbing and deflecting some of that impact force, the MIPS BPS is designed to reduce the risk of brain injuries. If you, or someone you know, has ever dealt with the lasting effects of a concussion, you know just how important this is.

If you are looking for value-packed helmets and other gear, look no further than Moose Racing.

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