Returning Models Comprise Latest Honda ATV Announcement

Kyra Sacdalan
by Kyra Sacdalan

“The originals” continue to bolster their story, as Honda announced today three models from its venerable multipurpose ATV lineup for the 2025 model year. Thanks to Honda’s legendary four-wheel engineering, the Foreman Rubicon, Foreman 4x4 and Rancher are ready to prove their prowess and expand their popularity, as they retain the versatile and reliable characteristics that have made them so popular over the years.

All three come in a variety of trim levels, and each is available in new colors, including TrueTimber® Atera Camo, thanks to an extensive, powersports-exclusive brand partnership between Honda and the popular camouflage brand. Honda multipurpose ATVs are known for their rugged reliability on the farm or jobsite, as well as their powerful performance and confident handling.

"Honda is pleased to offer a solid lineup of returning ATVs for the 2025 model year," said Colin Miller, Manager of Public Relations at American Honda. "Each of these models—the Foreman Rubicon, Foreman 4x4 and Rancher—is designed to appeal to the needs of a variety of Honda ATV owners. To that end, each is offered in multiple iterations to make it suitable for varying applications. The return of these three models demonstrates Honda's commitment to ATV customers."

These multipurpose ATV models are expected to be available in dealers this month.

Honda's Foreman Rubicon ATV comes with enough muscle and versatility to deliver the goods, no matter the situation. Powered by a torquey 518cc engine, the Foreman Rubicon has more than 1,300 pounds of towing capability and can easily haul the most challenging loads. Yet its independent rear suspension still delivers an easy-handling, sporty ride. Available in three trim levels to help personalize performance and handling, the U.S.-manufactured Foreman Rubicon is at home on any jobsite, ranch or trail.

  • Colors
    • Foreman Rubicon DCT EPS Deluxe: Matte Gray Metallic
    • Foreman Rubicon DCT EPS: Hero Red; TrueTimber Atera Camo
    • Foreman Rubicon 4x4 EPS: Hero Red; Black Forest Green; Matte Gray Metallic
  • MSRP
    • Foreman Rubicon DCT EPS Deluxe: $10,799
    • Foreman Rubicon ECT EPS: $10,299 ($10,799 TrueTimber Atera Camo)
    • Foreman Rubicon 4x4 EPS: $9,599 ($10,099 TrueTimber Atera Camo)

When it comes to capturing the true spirit of a versatile ATV, Honda's Foreman 4x4 is king. This multipurpose ATV is up to any challenge, passing muster doing chores on the farm or spending the day riding trails. With a towing capability of almost 850 pounds, the Foreman can haul just about anything and, thanks to a potent 518cc engine, it powers through muddy terrain, even when hauling a load. Made in the U.S., the Foreman 4x4 is offered in two trim levels: a standard version, and one with Electric Power Steering—perfect for whatever duties the day requires.

  • Colors: Hero Red; Black Forest Green; TrueTimber Atera Camo
  • MSRP
    • Foreman 4x4 EPS: $8,899 ($9,399 TrueTimber Atera Camo)
    • Foreman 4x4: $8,049 ($8,549 TrueTimber Atera Camo)

Honda's legendary Rancher ATV continues to be the bar against which all baseline rec/utility ATVs are measured. Its compact build and attractive MSRP make it ideal for a wide range of owners. Likewise, its available electric power steering and ergonomically engineered riding position—complemented by a wide, contoured saddle—make for a comfortable all-day ride. Add to that almost 850 pounds of towing capacity, plus available independent rear suspension, and the result is a versatile ATV that's suitable for the most challenging chores or a full day of trail riding. Manufactured in the U.S., the Rancher platform is offered in four different trim levels to accommodate all possible needs.

  • Colors
    • Rancher 4x4 DCT IRS EPS: Hero Red; TrueTimber Atera Camo
    • Rancher 4x4 DCT EPS: Hero Red; Black Forest Green; Slate Gray
    • Rancher 4x4: Hero Red; Black Forest Green; TrueTimber Atera Camo
    • Rancher: Hero Red; Black Forest Green
  • MSRP
    • Rancher 4x4 DCT IRS EPS: $8,999 ($9,499 TrueTimber Atera Camo)
    • Rancher 4x4 DCT EPS: $8,499
    • Rancher 4x4: $7,249 ($7,749)
    • Rancher: $6,149

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