Why Off-Roaders Need to Visit Utah + Video

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As somebody who has worked on ATV.com since its inception more than 15 years ago, I’ve had a chance to ride some of the best trails in North America. In that time, a few places stand out from the rest. Utah is assuredly on that list.

Whenever a trip to Utah was available, I made sure I was the one going…much to the chagrin of the other writers I worked with.

I’ve been riding in Utah times over the years and in my experience the variety of the terrain, elevation changes, and truly remarkable views just can’t be beat. I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that way, as the state is a popular destination for ATV and UTV enthusiasts.

On my most recent trip to Utah, I made my way to the southern part of the state for a three-day UTV adventure with the folks at Ticaboo Lodge. Not only does Ticaboo Lodge offer comfortable lodging, restaurant, and swimming pool, but they also provide UTV rentals or guided tours. Ray Golden is the general manager at Ticaboo Lodge and he was our guide for our three-days of off-roading in Southern Utah.

Check out the video we put together and find out exactly why every off-roader needs to visit Utah.

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