Dealer Expo Spotlight: Precision Shock & Vibe Clamp

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
dealer expo spotlight precision shock vibe clamp

The latest fatigue-reducing accessory from Precision Racing Products was released at the Indy Dealer Expo – the Shock & Vibe Handlebar Clamp.

The Shock & Vibe looks as simple as can be – it is a handlebar clamp after all – but Precision says it dampens several times the vibration of an anti-vibe stem. Instead of the handlebar having direct contact with metal like on a typical clamp, it is surrounded by a rubber insert.

The Shock & Vibe maintains the control and feel of a solid handlebar and maintains proper handlebar angle through the travel. Small bumps and trail chatter are absorbed by the ATV and the rubber insert before they get to the handlebar, which helps reduce arm-pump and rider fatigue.

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