As most of you are surely aware, ATV land use has become an increasingly hot topic in recent months. Reports of land closures are happening at a disheartening pace, but some people are fighting back.

Residents of Braidwood, Illinois, a small town south west of Chicago, were able to fight off a proposed ATV ban before it ever really got off the ground.

According to a story in the Braidwood Journal, a proposed ordinance that would ban or restrict use of ATVs in city limits resulted in nearly 100 people jamming into a meeting of the city council to oppose it.

The ordinance was actually requested by Brandon Myers, Braidwood’s police chief, who says the police department receives many complaints about ATV riders.

“That’s’ a huge expense to the city, a huge expense to the police department when we really should be out doing better things,” says Myers.

Residents, many of whom use ATVs to clear snow, counter that it’s only a few people who are disregarding laws and ruining it for everybody else.




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