As much as we all enjoy our modern utility and sport-specific ATVs, it’s nice to look back at the way the industry used to me. We recently checked out a website dedicated to the original ATV – the Honda All-Terrain Cycle (ATC) 90.

It’s not a new site, but it contains so much history and information on the ATC that we know you ATV junkies will get a kick out of it. Be sure to check out the Classic Photos section of the site so see some of the original advertisements and some cool pictures. The Collector’s Club is also a cool place to see some ATC 90’s in near perfect condition.

Spend enough time looking at these historical machines and you’ll be dreaming of balloon tires next time you close your eyes.



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Coping Mechanisms says:

OMG Yes…

Don’t know how I ended up here….

Adele says:

The original ATV wasn’t the ACT90, it was the earlier US90, 1969 to 1974.

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