You don’t often see major ATV manufacturers blatantly ripping on products from competitors, but that’s precisely what Yamaha has done with a video comparing the new Grizzly 450 with EPS to the Honda Rancher.

“They call it the Rancher, but it just seems to fall short of that rugged name in so many ways,” Yamaha says in the video, which is available on Yamaha’s website and YouTube. You can check it yourself in this post below the jump.

That is a fairly harsh criticism from one OEM to another. In fact, it’s a lot more reminiscent of a mud slinging political ad than anything we’ve seen in the ATV industry before. Of course, the video doesn’t stop there – It goes on to take digs at a variety of features on the Foreman, including Honda’s transmission

“What we found is really a five-speed manual with a computer that’s supposed to make the gear shifts for you. And what we experienced was a jumpy transmission that seems to constantly search for the right gear. And when it can’t find it, you’re stuck. That’s why many riders choose to disable the supposedly automatic transmission and opt for this button-operated thumb shifter. So much for automatic.”

Honda’s power steering was also under fire.

“On the Honda, we found the EPS sometimes didn’t seem to engage when turning from a stop and changing directions after stopping – making the steering feel extra heavy.”

Yamaha also took a shot at Honda’s four-wheel drive mode.

“The way they tell it, their system is supposed to provide more torque to the wheel with the most traction. But we found the opposite to be true. Go figure.”

The Foreman’s engine braking, tires, front and rear rack capacities, and tow rating were all under fire from Yamaha in the video.

We have yet to ride the new Grizzly ourselves, but after seeing the video we’d sure like a chance to pit these units against each other in a middleweight shootout to see who would take the prize.

The big question is, will Honda respond? We sure hope so. Nobody wants to see the manufacturers act all lovey-dovey. We’d like to see a whole lot more of this type of thing. Yamaha fired the first salvo, so it’s time for Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Suzuki, and Can-Am to step up and join the party!

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Don Bulmer says:

This behaviour from a major corporation is hilarious. In humans, it means insecurity. In a corporation, and i’m no psychiatrist, but it seems like yamaha’s having a little inferiority complex. I’ve got one honda, a 2001 Foreman 450S. My close friend has a 2010 grizzly 550. Every time we go riding, something comes up. he can’t turn tight enough and can’t get back out of a narrow trail. his differential lock won’t engage, his 4-wheel drive kicks out, his steering is too heavy for him, etc. My foreman s is barebones other than the itp mudlite xl tires. No power steering. nothing. He got buried in a mud hole, and i pulled him out. The kawasaki brute force after him, stuck too. and my honda made no complaints about pulling him out too. the can-am commander, polaris sportsman and arctic cat mudpro that followed were in the same situation. My personal oppinion is that Yamaha really is inferior to its counterparts. 
Hondas are rock-solid and reliable. When my friend eventually did trade in his grizzly 700 for a honda rincon 680, the dealer told him, “Your yamaha will get you there faster, but a honda will always get you back.” And i’ll own nothing less than a honda atv.

kenneth rose says:

couldn’t agree with don more I have a 2013 foreman love it everytime I ask my buddy to ride his yamheehaw needs a belt talk about a crappy set up Hondas are made for durability wouldn’t own any other quad.

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