We have a lot of respect for people who try to customize ATVs with parts they make themselves. Sure, they don’t always look very good and often don’t work very well, but the initiative to do it yourself is something we admire. The real go-getters, however, don’t settle for mere modifications…they actually build their own ATVs!

We stumbled across a website that is offering plans and instructions for would-be engineers to build an ATV from the ground up. As you can see from the photos, this doesn’t look like any ATV from a major manufacturer, but it is a four-wheeled off-road vehicle with front and rear suspension and that counts in our book.

Of course, you’ve got to pay to have access to the plans and we weren’t willing to pony up the $19.95, so we can’t comment on what the instructions look like or what the project costs will add up to. We also can’t say how safe this homemade ATV would be or how well it would work (the photos leave us a little concerned about water damage), but if we had a chance we’d sure like to try it out.



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raymond says:

i was wondering if i could use a riding lawn motor for my home made atv

Jeremy Stuart says:

That is cool, I want to build stuff b/c then it will be cheaper, plus I’ll know how to fix stuff when it breaks.

John Thrower says:

Could you make a diagram with the measurments of the tubing on it?

Anthony says:

Hay there you guys seam to be the kind of people i need to ask a ? to. I have a 1988 yamaha moto4 i restored it from the ground up and it burnt to the grown motor an frame both front wheels salvageable but i need ideas on making my own body panels fenders i thought maybe using plastic barrels but can i get some other ideas from you guys? I want to make it look like my own creation but anyone who has idea input or donates any parts will have there name engraved on the fenders and there will be a big youtube following comming up soon  thank you Tony McCoy p.s. all ideas welcome from anyone just as long as it has to do with the atv and no smart ass remarks please…………. 

Kyle says:

Hi i have a snowblower 5 speed is it possible to take the snowblower motor and install it in the atv please respond asap

James says:

Ramond, your lawnmower engine probably has a verticle shaft so the use of a gear box or if you look under a riding mower and see how the do it with a belt would maybe work.

Dalton Harding says:

I have a 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Minibike motor side shaft would that be able to work on one of these ? I really love building stuff like this so that’s why I’m wondering if it would work. 

MXK Racing says:

Plans for the GrassHopper ATV can be had for $5…. goto http://www.kartline.com

Video at … https://youtu.be/9RSBKkW_jjM

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