BikeMaster Unveils New Mini Air Compressor

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
bikemaster unveils new mini air compressor, BikeMaster Mini Air Comprerssor
BikeMaster Mini Air Comprerssor

Anybody who’s ever had a flat tire far from home knows the value of an air compressor you can easily take with you. BikeMaster has heard your cries for help and responded by introducing a mini air compressor.

The BikeMaster mini air compressor ($35.95) allows you to inflate your tires, check your air pressure and it comes with a built-in LED flashlight. Compatible with any 12V power supply, this tire filler uses 10 amp max current consumption and 140 watt power. The compressor has the ability to inflate to 101psi at a 25 liter/6.6 gallons per minute output. The hose extends 33” and the power cord is 9.5 feet long. A storage bag is included.

For more information or to order the BikeMaster mini air compressor, contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer or visit