2014 Honda Pioneer 700-4

Taking an idea and developing it in a way that brings every functional option to the table is something that Honda does well and in model year 2013 we had a good look at this kind of innovation up close. As we talked about in an earlier feature, getting everyone out and riding off-road is the fun part but also can be a bit of a hassle if you use your machine for work and recreation. Honda’s Pioneer 700-4 has the option of a fully functioning bed, but if more passenger room is what you desire just clean out the cargo box and lift the extra two seats out of the bed. It’s that simple yet no one had done it quite this way until Honda. A 686cc single cylinder fuel injected engine brings the machine to the trailhead and beyond without forgetting economical fuel mileage. Figure in the automotive-style transmission for simple intuitive driveability and you have a winner.

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