2015 Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo

ATV.com Sport UTV of the Year

Sitting down into an extremely powerful vehicle will put a smile on any off road enthusiast’s face, but perfect that power delivery to respond when the go pedal is grazed upon with the right foot and you will see a smile from ear to ear. This is what Can-Am has named its QRS – or Quick Response System. Can-Am’s Maverick has always been about fun and with the improved clutch work as well as a small intercooled turbo, the 121-horsepower engine now leaps to a notch on the chart that clearly rules the roost for now. We say for now because we know that it will be just a matter of time before someone steps up and over. Or will they?

For the Maverick X ds Turbo, Can-Am brings not only more power but also redefined suspension and shock components. The large FOX 2.5 Podium RC2 shocks help bring the machine back into the comfort zone and give the ability to use the vast majority of the power available over many different types of terrain. With the wind blowing through the cab of the Maverick while listening to the Turbo whistle just behind us, we knew it was a ride that is sure to be a hot seller in 2015.

Watch our video review of the Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo



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