2015 Honda Pioneer 500

Not knowing what to really think when we laid our eyes on Honda Pioneer 500, it took getting behind the wheel to find the real focus for a stroll Honda’s middleweight UTV offering. The fun factor is at an all time high in the Pioneer 500 and the paddle shifting on the steering wheel was probably the reason why. A fully automatic automotive-style transmission means you shift to a forward gear and go. Add in a smaller stature as well as the ability to work in very tight spaces gives the Pioneer 500 even more value. It takes a company looking for some new way to ride off-road to engineer a machine like this. This UTV is powered by a 475cc engine and can ride the majority of ATV trails thanks to its 50-inch width.

Honda’s Pioneer 500 will also get the work done. The rear-mounted rack holds an impressive 450 lbs and the suspension is set up to make sure the load gets to its destination without hurting the ride. Honda also designed the Pioneer 500 to tow as much as 1000 lbs with a super low first gear. This is a fun and capable machine.

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