2015 Yamaha Viking VI

Yamaha stepped back into the Side-by-Side market in the summer of 2013 with the Viking and that vehicle allowed three riders to enjoy the adventure. In June of 2014 we were treated to the birth of the six-seat Viking with all of the same creature comforts. Getting three people seated next to each other with plenty of room to ride comfortably was as simple as sweeping the center seat rearward just a tad. Add in the clutter free floors and you can enter or exit from one side to the other without trouble.

Using a single cylinder 686cc fuel injected engine, Yamaha brought life to the hard working Viking VI. Improvements in cooling and air filtration keep this larger machine working. Yamaha’s Ultra-Matic automatic belt-driven transmission brings known dependability that delivers a smooth ride for a long day’s work. Getting the work done is just what Viking is all about. The cab will bring six workers while the bed will haul 600 pounds. If you need a dependable working machine that is also capable of hauling most of your friends out on the trail then we think you will like the Viking VI.

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