2015 Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT

ATV.com Utility UTV of the Year

Probably the most innovative working machine delivered to the hungry consumers for 2015 was Kawasaki’s Mule Pro-FXT. Renewing the Mule was something our industry had been waiting on for many years and this new version of the workhorse breathes new life to the Mule name for faithful Kawasaki owners. Getting up to six passengers to the job and hauling hundreds of pounds of cargo make this a tough cookie. The bed of this machine is what makes us look twice. The conversion, taking less than a minute, gives up valuable cargo space when it is needed. Putting 1000 lbs in the bed is possible and towing 2000 lbs is also something Kawasaki loves to brag about – and with good reason.

Kawasaki has installed a fuel-injected 812cc three-cylinder engine delivering 46 lb-ft. of torque that is liquid cooled and geared for the hardest day’s work. Storage is at an all time high in the new Mule and if you are going to work a vehicle you need places for tools and cargo. Blend in power steering and a tight turning radius and you have a tough machine that can get in the narrow ranch gates without fear of getting stuck.

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