Just about a month after giving us a long-awaited teaser of its upcoming pure Sport Side-by-Side, Yamaha has done it again.

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A new teaser video was introduced on Thursday. It’s very short and not much is revealed, but it’s enough to whet our appetite until the covers come off in September.

All we really get to see in this teaser is a wheel, shock spring, and headlights, and even that is just a brief glimpse.

We still don’t have word on the specs, but if you’d like to speculate in the comments section, please do.

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StargateNH says:

That engine does not sound like their normal single. Maybe we will be getting a V-Twin finally.

Lucas Cooney says:

Don’t be surprised if it’s a triple. Yamaha has lots of experience with three-cylinder engines in its motorcycle and snowmobile lineups.

Darrell Friesen says:

Hmm…that does sound like a triple (130 HP 1049cc sled engine???)

troy says:

who is making that new road bik

e that looks like a quad

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