Gear Lift System by SxS Gear

Mud riders will love the new SxS Gear Lift System from SxS Gear LLC. This patented system uses portal box technology to provide 4” of lift while reducing the effective gear ratio by up to 30%. Every mud enthusiast knows a lift and bigger tires are pretty much standard protocol, but when you start going up in tires size, the engine has to work harder to turn the added weight. This puts additional stress on the engine, belts and axles. SxS Gear says its new Gear Lift System is the best of both worlds, providing 4” of additional lift while retaining the stock suspension geometry. The Gear Lift System does the work at the wheel, so the engine and drive axles can keep turning just like they had the original equipment from the factory. SxS Gear also claims the gear reducer can make your vehicle achieve max horsepower 4.5 seconds faster. For more information, check out



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