Gator-Jaw Shackles by Bubba Rope

Finding the right place to attach a tow strap or a tie down is sometimes more difficult than it should be.  Either the hook of the strap doesn’t open enough or you can’t quite reach the optimal location to attach a tie down. The new Gator-Jaw Shackles from Bubba Rope make strapping or towing your ATV or UTV a snap as they can turn any location into the perfect hook for a tie down or tow rope. Constructed of braided plasma, the Gator-Jaw Shackles are available in three sizes with breaking strengths ranging from 11,000 lbs to 76,400 lbs. The lightweight shackles are more convenient to use than traditional D rings or carabiners and they are self tightening; just feed the Gator-Jaw Shackle around or through whatever you’re connecting to, loop the open loop over the large knot and pull tight. The Gator-Jaw Shackle easily and quickly wraps around difficult pulling points with no pins to worry about and won’t harm the finish on your vehicle. Learn more at



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