Boondocker Pump Gas Turbo Kit

It’s safe to say we’ve entered the age of the turbo. Now that UTVs are coming with factory installed turbos, it appears the rest of the world is discovering that adding a turbo isn’t serving a death sentence to your machine’s motor. The folks at Boondocker turbos have been developing horsepower and fine tuning snow machines for years and just recently jumped on the UTV bandwagon. The Boondocker pump gas turbo kit puts out an astounding 200 horsepower on 91 octane fuel. It is programmed to run 12 lbs of boost at sea level and 14 lbs at 4,000 ft elevation. One of the key features of the Boondocker kit is its EBC, or electronic boost control programmer, which gradually increases the amount of boost as the elevation increases. We asked the rep from Boondocker how factory-equipped turbos are effecting their business and he said if anything, it’s shown the world that turbos aren’t as big and scary as people thought and they have more people outfitting their current machines with turbos now than ever before. For more info on adding horsepower with a Boondocker turbo check out



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