DuneBlaster Onboard Air Compressor and Horn

If being prepared counts for anything, the new DuneBlaster onboard Compressor and Air Horn from Kleinn Automotive may be a big hit with adventure riders and desert racers. Having the convenience of endless air for reinstalling tires or running air tools while in the field away from support vehicles might be the difference between a win and a loss. And while a high-powered horn might seem overkill, if you’ve got a slower vehicle stuck in your path that just won’t get out of your way, laying on a loud horn might be just what it takes to get them to move over. While the horn mounts under the front hood, the compressor and air tank tuck conveniently up inside each rear fender, completely out of sight. For more info on the DuneBlaster Onboard Air Compressor and Horn check out www.Kleinn.com.



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