Can-Am Mud Riding Accessories

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Get your Can-Am ATV ready for the mud

Mixing ATVs with mud is a recipe for a good time. So good, in fact, that several manufacturers produce machines designed specifically to tackle the slop. For those of you who want to go mud riding but have a normal ATV, the folks at Can-Am have an assortment of accessories ready to get your through the stickiest off-road situations on your Can-Am Outlander or Renegade.

Snorkel Kit
Can-Am Renegade Snorkel Kit

If you are planning to dive deep into the mud, a snorkel kit is a wise investment. Can-Am’s snorkel kit includes an extended air intake and both an extended CVT inlet and outlet exhaust located in the upper gauge pod cover. Snorkel kits are available for Outlander (SKU and Renegade (SKU ATVs.

MSRP: $359.99 – Outlander; $449.99 – Renegade

Radiator Relocator Kit
Can-Am Outlander Radiator Relocator Kit

A dedicated mud riding ATV would be well served with Can-Am’s Radiator Relocator Kit, which is available for the Outlander, Outlander MAX, Outlander L, and Outlander 6×6 (SKU The kit features a top mount position to prevent cooling performance loss in muddy conditions. The existing radiator is reused, but the kit includes the necessary hardware, hoses and support for mounting. A new kit is also available for the standard Renegade (SKU ATVs, but also requires the Renegade Extreme Front Bumper (SKU for installation.

MSRP: $379.99

Mudguard Kit
Can-Am Outlander Mudguard Kit

While it’s fun to get your ATV muddy, it’s nice to keep some of that mud from splattering up on you. This is where Can-Am’s Mudguard Kit comes in handy, as it extends the width of the wheel well. The kit includes four guards and mounting hardware.

MSRP: $124.99 – Outlander and Outlander Max; $129.99 – Outlander L & Outlander L MAX; $169.99 – Renegade

Footpeg Kit
Can-Am Outlander Footpeg

For extra grip, Can-Am is offering a Footpeg Kit (SKU for the Outlander that features integrated kick-up ends and serrated teeth. The footpegs are sold in pairs and Can-Am says they won’t rust.

MSRP: $44.99

X mr Traction Plates
Traction Plates

Even more grip can be achieved with Can-Am’s aluminum Traction Plates (SKU These are designed for the Outlander L MAX and Outlander MAX vehicles and provide additional foot grip and a larger foot platform, which can come in handy when you are in the thick of things.

MSRP: $99.99

Mud Strap
Can-Am Mud Strap

Another handy tool is Can-Am’s new Mud Strap (SKU which is specifically designed as a bolt-on grab handle for mud riders. Riders can use the handle for an additional grip point when they must redistribute their weight while searching for improved traction. The Mud Strap fits Outlander and Renegade ATVs.

MSRP: $39.99

Cyclops Gear CGX2 Camera
Cyclops CGX2 Camera

While it won’t help you get through a deep mud hole, the Cyclops Gear CGX2 Camera (SKU will let you re-live the experience again and again. Weighing just 58 grams, the new Cyclops Gear CGX2 action camera features a two-inch LCD display screen, built-in audio and Wi-Fi and a working time of two hours. Choose between photo mode (jpeg) or video mode (1080p60fps, high-speed mode, slow motion and more). The camera uses a USB 2.0 high-speed interface for transferring data and charging. It includes a waterproof case, remote-control watch, eight mounts and a one-year warranty. We’ve got one on order from Can-Am, so you can look for a review article in the coming weeks.

MSRP: $299.99

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