If recent trademark filings are any indication, a four-seat version of the Yamaha Wolverine may be on the horizon.

Yamaha applied for a trademark for Wolverine X4 with both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, which is essentially the European Union’s version of USPTO.

In addition to Wolverine X4, Yamaha also applied for a trademark for Wolverine X2. This could just be the naming structure Yamaha wants to use to differentiate the two-seat and four-seat Wolverines.

Since we have no other information besides the two trademark applications for Wolverine X4 and Wolverine X2, we figured now was a good time to play our favorite game – Wild Speculation!

Here’s how Wild Speculation works: we use what little information we have and try to guess what it all means.

The most boring (and likely) answer is what we mentioned above – the Wolverine X2 is basically same unit we already have and the X4 is essentially that machine with a second row of seats, a slightly longer wheelbase and some small tweaks to make it all work.

However, we like to think big and that means the Wolverine is being taken to a whole new level. Yamaha could achieve that by putting the 998cc engine from the Yamaha YXZ1000R and putting it into the Wolverine, albeit with a more traditional automatic transmission.

Yamaha 998cc Engine

This engine in a Wolverine sounds awfully good to us.

This would create a trail-killer of a UTV and compete nicely against the Polaris General, except with two- and four-seat versions. Who wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel of a machine like that?

Of course, the Wolverine X4 trademark filing could very well end up meaning nothing, but always to try and guess what’s coming next.



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