KYMCO Offering Big Savings on ATVs and UTVs

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Save up to $2,000

(Press Release) In celebration of achieving new milestones in the U.S. power sports industry, KYMCO has announced a “Roll Back the Savings” sale in which consumers can purchase select 2016 KYMCO scooters, ATVs and Utility Vehicles at prices comparable to those in place when the company first entered the U.S. market.

Over the last decade, KYMCO has successfully partnered with other power sports companies to manufacturer private label quality vehicles. That experience allowed the company to rapidly increase the depth of its product line and, more importantly, to build an “economy of scale” which offers the consumer the lowest pricing on KYMCO brand vehicles.

According to KYMCO USA Director of Marketing Rick Pawelka, the “Roll Back the Savings“ sale reflects the company’s willingness to share with consumers that “we have set a new benchmark in quality, features and benefits that has made KYMCO products the best value in the market today.”

MAXXER 450i$6,899.00$6,499.00 View
MXU 450i 4×4$6,199.00$4,999.00 View
MXU 450i CAMO 4×4$6,399.00$5,299.00 View
MXU 450i LE 4×4$6,699.00$5,699.00 View
MXU 500i 4×4$7,499.00$5,999.00 View
MXU 700i 4×4$8,599.00$6,599.00 View
MXU 700i LE EPS 4×4$9,799.00$7,899.00 View
UXV 500i 4×4$9,499.00$7,999.00 View
UXV 500i CAMO 4×4$9,999.00$8,399.00 View
UXV 500i G TURF 4×4$12,999.00$11,299.00 View
UXV 700i 4×4$10,099.00$8,999.00 View
UXV 700i TURF 4×4$10,399.00$9,199.00 View
UXV 700i CAMO 4×4$10,499.00$9,399.00 View
UXV 700i LE 4×4$10,699.00$9,699.00 View
Press Release
Press Release

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