Driving your UTV is a lot of fun, even if it’s for work. Even farmers will tell you that it can be a good time rolling through a pasture after some cows. And eventually you’re going to go for a drive after dark, either for fun or out of necessity. Going out after the sun goes down presents some new challenges, the biggest of which is you need good UTV lighting to be able to see.

Stock UTV lighting is pretty decent but, as with anything, it can be improved upon. Adding additional lighting is pretty common and thanks to advancements in technology, the price is getting much more affordable. An extremely popular route is LED lighting, and there are a plethora of options to suit every budget and style. When LED light bars first hit the scene, the prices were high, and soon cheaper started to materialize. However, with those lower priced options, there was a durability issue. That isn’t nearly as common these days. Now there are light systems to fit every budget and need.

Maybe you need more light that your stock headlights offer for you specific use, such as hunters looking to help load things up after a long day in the field. Or perhaps you’re all about going fast. They say the average UTV will outrun the headlights after 45mph. If you have a heavy right foot, then adding quality UTV lighting should be in your plans.

KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 6-Light LED light bar

KC HiLiTES Gravity LED

Of course, if you’re going to go all out, might as well start at the top. KC HiLiTES make some of the best and most iconic off-road lighting systems going. Its new Gravity lights will light up any trail or race course. With nearly 15,000 lumens of raw light, if you’re serious about off-roading after dark, you need this setup. The KC set-up is not cheap, but when seeing everything in front of you is important, this is the way to go. Buy your own KC Lites Gravity LED here.

Rigid Industries Radiance 40-Inch White Back-Light

Rigid Industries Radiance Light Bar

Rigid has made a name for itself with extremely durable construction, high quality and options to fit every style and application you can come up with. You don’t have to settle for just white lights either, as Rigid offers color variations that let you add some flair to your rig. A 40-inch bar would look great on the top of a RZR and go a long ways toward lighting the trail ahead of you. Look for Rigid Industries lights right here.

Cyclops Dual Row 120W Side Mount LED Light Bar

Cyclops Light Bar

Cyclops is widely known for making handheld lights and hunting gear. Last year i unveiled new LED light bars for UTVs and other vehicles and right away made an impact for a being a great light at a great price. This light bar sells for around $100 and puts out 9,000 lumens! Put your order in here.

Warn WXT200-HID Spot Beams Kit

Warn WXT200-HID Spot Beams

For some, a lightbar isn’t what is needed. Sometimes you need something more specialized. These spot beam H.I.D. lights are just the ticket. Bright at 1,850 lumens, these spot beams are made by Warn, so you know they are tough and high quality. Buy Warn Spot Beams here.

Tusk Curved LED Light Bar Kit

Tusk Curved LED Light Bar

Tusk, the house brand for Rocky Mountain ATV, makes some great products. This curved lightbar kit would not only look great on your ride, but also be great at lighting up the trail with 11,250 raw lumens of bright white light. Going with a curved bar over a straight one is not only aesthetic in value, but it helps spread the light over a broader area. Look for a Tusk Curved LED Light Bar here.

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