GBC Unveils New Kanati Terra Master UTV Tire

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Tire features asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern

GBC Motorsports is proud to bring you the industry’s first UTV tire with an asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern. The all-new Kanati Terra Master’s innovative design allows users two mounting options to best suit their needs.

The tread pattern on the Kanati Terra Master was specially designed to offer the benefits of two tires in one. With two distinctive sides to choose from, UTV owners can customize their tire setup to best suit their vehicle application, driving style, and terrain conditions. One mounting option is recommended for use in soft to intermediate terrain, while the other is best for intermediate to hard terrain.

Kanati Terra Master Detail

Powered by years of research and field testing, GBC Motorsports made sure to prioritize performance and durability above all else in the development of the Kanati Terra Master. In addition to the groundbreaking tread pattern, this 10-ply rated radial tire is built to withstand even the roughest conditions, thanks in part to its rugged light weight steel belt design which is built specifically for UTV’s. And for UTV owners in areas that allow for usage on city roads, the Terra Master was designed to meet and exceed DOT standards.

“The Kanati Terra Master was many years in the making,” explains Randy Tsai, Director of GBC Motorsports. “Our tire development practices have always been centered around thorough research and testing, and we are excited to share our results with UTV racers and enthusiasts alike.”

Kanati Terra Master Action

“The bar was raised in 2012 with the launch of the Mongrel. The tire market has tried its best to come up with ‘their version of the Mongrel’ since then,” comments Kory Ellis, GBC Brand Coordinator. “We took consumer feedback on the Mongrel, along with some new innovations, and incorporated it all into the Terra Master. Now with the launch of the Terra Master, the bar has been raised once again to keep up with the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s performance UTVs.”

The Kanati Terra Master will be offered in ten popular sizes. Initial sizes are expected to arrive this Winter, with remaining sizes due in early 2018. Racers looking to take the Terra Master to the starting line in 2018 can apply for GBC’s Rider Support Program. Click here for more information and instructions

Kanati Terra Master Features

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern for dual benefits and performance characteristics
  • Lightweight steel belted radial design for stronger core
  • 10-Ply Rated Construction
  • Non-Directional design for excellent responsiveness in any direction
  • Meets and exceeds DOT standards
  • Designed to combat a wide variety of terrain and conditions
  • Powered by years of research and field testing
  • Offered in 10 popular sizes
Press Release
Press Release

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