Mahindra North America has overhauled its UTV lineup with the new 2018 Mahindra Retriever family, which includes eight different models.

Here is what Mahindra has to say about the new Retriever family:

Mahindra North America heads into a new era with its utility vehicle business after launching 24 new models at its National Dealer Meeting in Indianapolis earlier this month. Unveiling its first utility vehicles in 2015, Mahindra is now the fastest-growing brand in the utility vehicle category. Along with new styling, comes a rebranding of the utility vehicle product line as the Mahindra Retriever, to create a strong identity in the industry for these best-in-class off-road vehicles.

“The new line-up of Mahindra Retrievers was well-received at our National Dealer Meeting and we are excited to bring them to market beginning in late 2017. We have built on the strong foundation of the current Mahindra utility vehicles, adding higher horsepower engines and unmatched comfort to a solid workhorse vehicle. The result is a work-ready, family-approved machine to help our customers get their work done in comfort,” said Cleo Franklin, CMO/VP-Strategic Planning, Mahindra NA.

Retriever Rebrand

To better differentiate the utility vehicle and connect with its customer base, Mahindra NA re-branded its utility vehicle product line as the Mahindra Retriever. This brand name was selected through extensive market research of UTV owners and prospective buyers. Known for its reliability and strength, combined with a comfortable ride, the Retriever is the ultimate work utility vehicle for rural lifestylers and property owners.

“We’re tremendously excited to reveal this new line of utility vehicles, now known as Retriever. Known for being reliable, trustworthy and loyal, these machines are built to do the work of rural America,” said Matt Glendon, Direct of Utility Vehicles, Mahindra NA. “The UTV market continues to show promise for the Mahindra brand and will remain a key growth segment for our business.”

Retriever Styling

The Mahindra Retriever comes in single-row, crew and long-bed models in both gas and diesel powertrains. The vehicles are available in red, green and Realtree AP camouflage with standard or industry-exclusive Flexhauler cargo boxes. While all the work capabilities of the past Mahindra utility vehicles remain, there are several styling enhancements made in the new Retriever models:

  • New dash with 4.3” digital gauge
  • Automotive style LED headlights
  • Front brushguard with bull bar
  • Deluxe bucket-style seating
  • Redesigned steering wheel & shifter knob
  • New wheel design

Different Name, Same Dependability

The new Mahindra Retriever utility vehicles will be sold in the U.S. and Canada beginning in November 2017. All Mahindra utility vehicles are backed by a three-year powertrain warranty. Even though the name is changing, the Mahindra Retriever still offers the rugged, work-ready features of previous models:

  • 1,200 lbs. Hauling capacity
  • 2,100 lbs. Towing capacity
  • 12” ground clearance
  • 19” of cab entry space
  • Standard electric cargo box dump
  • Standard front & rear receiver hitches

For more information about the new Mahindra Retriever utility vehicles, go to

Model Starting MSRP
Mahindra Retriever 750 Standard (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $13,999
Mahindra Retriever 750 Crew (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $15,999
Mahindra Retriever 750 Longbed (Available in Red) $16,299
Mahindra Retriever 750 Flexhauler (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $14,399
Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Standard (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $16,999
Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Crew (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $18,999
Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Longbed (Available in Red) $19,299
Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Flexhauler (Available in Red, Green or Camo)* $17,399



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gregsfc says:

There is nothing like the Retriever Long Bed on the market that I’ve found. We are considering one for fish hatchery operations were I work even though it will stay on paved paths most all the time. Cushman used to make a utility work vehicle called a Haulster. It was golf car like in appearance, but it was no golf car. They are powerful, built like a tank, 4-speed manual, bullet proof. They have a three cylinder, 36 horsepower engine. They can handle 1,500 lbs in the bed. The bed floor is only about 23″ from the ground and so, even though it’s length is only 44″, it’s profile is so low that we fabricate overhead racks on them and it’s a work beast. We have three of them, and it’s time to replace one of the 1995s after 23 years service.

Three years ago we had a fourth Haulster and when we went to replace it, it was going to cost $25K, and we didn’t have that much in our budget, so we opted for the heaviest duty and longest bed and longest wheel base golf car on the market. A Club Car CarryAll 700, but it is nothing like a Haulster; not nearly as rugged built; hard to steer; slower; barely pulls up a 5% grade; weak CVT; poor suspension; and yet I still believe it’s the toughest golf car for work applications.

Today the Haulster is no longer built but they now have a Truckster that’s even tougher. It’s list price is $30K. That’s a no go. I started looking at every off road vehicle on the market. I looked at dozens of UTVs. They all have very short beds that are too high from the ground and slanted upward towards the back except a couple John Deere models that were close, but even those were too high to have an overhead rack that could be reached and the beds to short to eliminate a rack. Then out of the blue through Google searching, I saw a picture of the Retriever Long Bed. With a 70″ bed, we don’t need any racking to carry our fish work equipment. I think I’ve found our Haulster replacement.

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