Trail Tech Voyager Pro ATV GPS Keeps You on the Right Path

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GPS integrates with your ATV or UTV

Trail Tech ‘sVoyager Pro, a great option in ATV GPS builds on decades of combined riding experience and cutting edge technology, Trail Tech has engineered a premium ATV GPS for the Powersports industry.

This ATV GPS unit is Bluetooth enabled for intercom, phone and media controls along with features like our patent pending Buddy Tracking technology, which allows up to 20 riders to connect for maximized riding experience. View members of your riding party in real time, increase your following distances and forget about following the crowd. With the touch of a button, riders can quickly alert their party when help is needed by enabling the emergency beacon feature.

The 4-inch glove friendly color touchscreen display is visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight. Rated IP67 for anti-dust/water intrusion, it’s built to withstand the harshest elements that come with extreme riding conditions.

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The Voyager Pro ATV GPS unit integrates with your vehicle using standard Trail Tech sensors providing vital ride data such as engine temperature, RPM, battery voltage, speed/distance and more. Both model specific and universal kits are available for nearly all motorcycle, ATV/UTV, and automotive applications.

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What Other ATV GPS Options are There?

Looking for more information on ATV GPS systems? We’ve got you covered. There are many great ATV GPS units available with more coming every day. Manufacturers like Polaris and Yamaha are incorporating GPS systems into their machines and more are on the way. You can add GPS to virtually any ATV with the Trail Tech ATV GPS, or other great option.

How Does ATV GPS Work?

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is a network of roughly 30 satellites orbiting the Earth. Originally a US Military tool, regular folks like us have been able to use the signals generated by these satellites to triangulate our positions for some time now. The best part is that today’s ATV GPS units are extremely user friendly and not complicated to use.

Wherever you are on the planet, at least four GPS satellites are within range of your ATV GPS device. Each satellite sends out its position and the current time at regular intervals. These signals are picked up by your GPS, which then calculates how far away each satellite is based on how long it took for the messages to arrive. As long as your ATV GPS has received signals from a minimum of three satellites, it can pinpoint your location using a process called trilateration. Trilateration is pretty cool. Basically each of the three satellites’ signals will say you’re within a given area, calculated as an oval. Your ATV GPS then pinpoints your exact location by finding where the three ovals interconnect. As software and signal strength has improved over the years, accuracy of best ATV GPS units that we use has greatly improved.

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