Yamaha Wolverine X2 Montana Adventure + Video

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We brought some friends to the Gallatin National Forest in Montana to get their thoughts on the Yamaha Wolverine X2.

Earlier this fall, we made the pilgrimage to Montana’s Gallatin National Forest to do some camping and exploring with the Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec. We invited some friends along who had never driven the new Wolverine to get their impressions.

The Wolverine X2 is capable of going just about anywhere you point it and is built to handle all sorts of work, but one feature that stands out to many first-time drivers is how quiet it is.

“Being in the machine and being able to hear each other has been a game changer,” said Adrienne. “Sitting side-by-side and having that conversation as opposed to riding next to each other in different machines – that’s probably been the best thing…to actually be close to each other while we experience this.”

Far more than just a quiet ride, the Wolverine X2 can also offer a thrilling time behind the wheel. Yamaha engineers put a lot of time into the suspension and the front and rear double wishbone design with anti-sway bars and fully adjustable KYB piggyback shocks is designed to make short work of big obstacles – something noticed by one of our guests.

“As we were riding the Wolverine X2 I noticed the suspension,” said Kevin. I remember one case in point in particular, I was about to hit a larger rock in the middle of the trail. I didn’t see it until the last second and when I hit it, I was expecting the worst. We just glided right over it. It was great.”

With suspension that performs like that, the driver and passenger don’t get abused by the terrain like they would in some other machines. The Wolverine X2 soaks up those bumps and impacts before they reach the cockpit.

“At the end of the day when we got off, I wasn’t as worn down as I’ve been on some other OHVs,” said Kevin. “That is important, because if we’re on a trip for any length of time, we are going to be doing a lot of riding.”

Of course, the Wolverine X2 is not just a toy – it comes from the factory ready work with the ability to tow 2,000 pounds and carry another 600 pounds in the bed.

“It was kind of a nice blend of work and play,” said Adrienne. “It was so nice to just use the cargo dump bed for the firewood and to be able to take everything with us in one machine as opposed to having a separate unit.”

The trip to the Gallatin National Forest was one to remember and the Yamaha Wolverine X2 made a big impression on our guests.

“Being from Michigan, when we get back I wouldn’t hesitate to visit a Yamaha dealer and talk numbers with those guys,” said Kevin.

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