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ROXOR Top 5 Sweepstakes lets you design and possibly win a custom ROXOR

Mahindra Automotive North America will be part of the college basketball tournament madness with the ROXOR Top Five Sweepstakes. Fans can win a ROXOR off road vehicle outfitted with their favorite accessories. ROXOR recently celebrated its first year as a brand, and the tournament takeover on will generate greater awareness going into year two. The takeover will position ROXOR as the only advertiser on the bracket page during two of the highest traffic dates.

“Being a new entrant to the off-roading segment market, we’re focusing heavily on our core value proposition of strength, durability and fun,” stated Richard Ansell, Vice President of Marketing. “We’re looking to find people that love adventure and want a vehicle that can take whatever they can throw at it. We’ll reach 20 million passionate college basketball fans across the two “take-over” promotions on the CBS brackets page, generating tremendous awareness for ROXOR.”

Sports fans of all kinds can enter the ROXOR Top Five Sweepstakes. Site visitors will design their own custom ROXOR, recruiting five-star accessory combinations and enter for a chance to win the ROXOR they designed. Beginning March 26th, fans can enter at (Will be live starting on the 26th) and the winning fan’s ROXOR will be hand built in the Mahindra Automotive North America factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan and delivered via a local ROXOR dealer.

Feeding off the unrivalled energy and excitement created by the college basketball tournament, the promotion gives entrants the opportunity to choose their own ROXOR accessory lineup, selecting five starters from fifteen total options, including a second row seat, ROXOR/MTX All Weather Bluetooth Sound Bar, ROXOR-Kolpin Rhino Grips, Military-grade Windshield, , 40” KC Lightbar, and full soft cab enclosure to name a few among the fifteen.

The sweepstakes run 3/26/19 – 5/30/19.

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