After we spent a day driving the Honda Talon 1000R, we had a chance to catch up with Jeremy McGuire, the product development leader of for the Honda Talon, to get a little insight into how the 4+ link trailing arm rear suspension system on the Talon 1000R works.

The rear suspension is one of the key things that sets the two Talon models apart. While the narrower Honda Talon 1000X relies on a 3-link trailing arm set up in the rear that controls 15.1 inches of travel, Honda developed the 4+ link trailing arm set up on the Talon 1000R to better control the longer 20.1 inches of travel.

How the 4+ link system works is that it has an extra upper lateral link that is connected to the lower trailing link. This is designed to provide exceptional toe control. Honda claims the Talon 1000R only has 0.3 degrees of toe change throughout the 20.1 inches of suspension stroke. This means improved high speed tracking through big bumps and trail chop.



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