From mild to wild, we've got the tires to get you through every sticky situation

If those muddy trails into the unknown are calling your name, you’d better be ready with a quality set of UTV or ATV mud tires, because your four-wheeler is only as capable as the tires it’s equipped with. Sure, the tires your machine came with might be up to the challenge, but do you want to risk your ride getting suction-cupped into the mud? We’re guessing no.

The easiest way to improve the mud prowess of your ATV or UTV is with a set of mud-specific tires. With the right set of ATV mud tires, you can get through just about anything Mother Nature throws your way, but don’t go buying the biggest, nastiest tires you can find.

Some ATV mud tires are no fun to take on a normal trail due to their tall lugs. Also, the bigger the mud tire, the more power you’ll need to move them. It’s a delicate balance, but fortunately the aftermarket has built a mud tire for everybody from casual riders to riders with mud coursing through their veins. This buyer’s guide aims to show you a wide variety of what the aftermarket has to offer so you can make the best choice for you and your machine.

CST Wild Thang Mud Tires

CST Wild Thang atv mud tire

The CST Wild Thang ATV mud tire features an aggressive tread that extends over its shoulder for superb cornering grip, and tough bite in muddy conditions with a tread depth just over 1-inch. While it was primarily designed as a mud tire, a review on the CST website claims “Rocks, deep mud, ruts, coal hills, slick rock climbs, deep water/creek crossings and fast fire roads were all home to these tires.”

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Wild Thang Sizes

  • 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X11-12
  • 27X9-12; 27X11-12; 27X10-14; 27X12-14
  • 28X10-12; 28X12-12; 28X9-14; 28X11-14
  • 30X9-14; 30X11-14

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EFX MotoMax Mud Tires

EFX Motomax atv mud tire

With its one-inch lugs, Colorado Components says the EFX MotoMax was designed to perform in the mud or on hard pack terrain.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

MotoMax Sizes

  • 27X10-14; 27X12-14

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GBC Spartacus Mud Tires

GBC Spartacus

GBC’s Spartacus boasts eight-ply radial construction and is designed specifically for mud and other tough terrains. Its tread depth is slightly less than one inch and it’s relatively light in weight (22.1 – 33.7 pounds).

Tire Ply Rating: 8

Spartacus Sizes

  • 25X8-R12; 25X10-R12
  • 26X10-R12; 26X12-R12; 26X9-R14; 26X11-R14
  • 27X9-R14; 27X11-R14

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Highlifter Outlaw and Outlaw 2 Mud Tires

Highlifter Outlaw and Outlaw 2 ATV Mud Tires

When it comes to all things mud for your ATV or UTV, look no further than Highlifter. They’ve got everything you could want to navigate the deepest bogs and this includes ATV mud tires. Their original Outlaw and Outlaw 2 mud tires offer a smoother ride from other extreme mud tires because of their flatter profile, offer great puncture resistance, excellent bite from a 1.5-inch cupped lug with great self-cleaning capability for consistent mud slinging performance.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Outlaw Sizes

  • 27X9.5-12; 27X12-12
  • 28X9.5-12; 28X12.5-12
  • 29.5X10-12; 29.5X12-12
  • 31X9.5-14; 31X11-4

Outlaw 2 Sizes

  • 28X9.5-14; 28X11-14
  • 29.5X9.5-14; 29.5X11-14
  • 32X10.5-14
  • 34.5X10.5-16

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ITP Mayhem Mud Tires

ITP Mayhem ATV Mud Tires

ITP has four tires in the Mayhem line – Mayhem, Mega Mayhem, Monster Mayhem, and Mammoth Mayhem (which we’ll touch base later). The Mayhem is the tamest of the bunch with a one-inch lug depth, followed by the Mega Mayhem (1.5-inch lug depth), Monster Mayhem (1.75-inch lug depth), with tire weights ranging from 25 to 40-pounds.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mayhem Sizes

  • 26X9-12; 26X11-12

Mega Mayhem Sizes

  • 27X9-12; 27X11-12; 27X9-14; 27X11-14
  • 28×9-12; 28×11-12; 28X9-14; 28X11-14

Monster Mayhem Sizes

  • 30X9-14; 30X10-14

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ITP Mud Lite Mud Tires

ITP Mud Lite ATV Mud Tires

Like the Mayhem line, ITP has four different Mud Lite models, each in a wide variety of sizes. The Mud Lite AT is the most comfortable on the trail with 0.75-inch lugs, followed by the Mud Lite XL with 1.125-inch lugs, and the more aggressive Mud Lite XXL with 1.3-inch lugs. ITP says the Mud Lite XTR is the industry’s first extreme terrain radial tire, boasting 1.125-inch lugs.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mud Lite AT Sizes

  • 22X11-8; 22X11-9; 22X10-8; 22X11-10
  • 23X8-10; 23X10-10; 23X8-11
  • 24X11-10; 24X8-11; 24X9-11; 24X10-11; 24X8-12
  • 25X12-9; 25X11-10; 25X8-11; 25X10-11; 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 27X12-10

Mud Lite XL Sizes

  • 25X12-11; 25X8-12; 25X10-12; 25X12-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X10-12; 26X12-12
  • 27X9-12; 27X10-12; 27X12-12; 27X10-14; 27X12-14
  • 28X10-12; 28X12-12; 28X10-14; 28X12-14

Mud Lite XXL Sizes

  • 30X10-12; 30X12-12; 30X10-14; 30X12-14

Mud Lite XTR Sizes

  • 25X8R-12; 25X10R-12
  • 26X9R-12; 26X11R-12
  • 27X9R-12; 27X11R-12; 27X9R-14; 27X11R-14

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Kenda Executioner Mud Tires

Kenda Executioner ATV Mud Tires

Kenda’s Executioner mud tire has tread depth ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 inches, depending on size. It is an aggressive tire with reinforced knobs designed to reduce knob rollover at low pressure.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Executioner Sizes

  • 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X10-12; 26X12-12
  • 27X10-12; 27X12-12
  • 28X9-14; 28X11-14

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Maxxis Mud Bug Mud Tires

Maxxis Mud Bug ATV Mud Tire

Maxxis says the Mud Bug offers aggressive lugs for an abundance of traction through mud bogs or down sloppy backcountry trails. Its moderate lug height means you can still ride in relative comfort on regular trails.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mud Bug Sizes

  • 22X10-9; 22X11-9; 22X8-10; 22X11-10
  • 23X7-10; 23X8-11
  • 24X11-10; 24X8-11; 24X9-11; 24X10-11
  • 25X12-9; 25X11-10; 25X12-10; 25X10-11; 25X12-11; 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X12-10; 26X12-11; 26X10-12; 26X12-12
  • 27X8-12; 27X10-12; 27X12-12
  • 28X10-12; 28X12-12

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Maxxis Mudzilla Mud Tires

Maxxis Mudzilla ATV Mud Tire

These pure mud tires feature huge pyramid-shaped tread bars that are constructed to flex more in mud-accumulating areas. These tires come stock on the Can-Am Outlander 650 X mr.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mudzilla Sizes

  • 22X11-10
  • 24X8-11; 24X9-11
  • 25X12-9; 25X12-10; 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X12-12
  • 27X9-12; 27X12-12
  • 28X8-12; 28X10-12; 28X12-12
  • 30X9-14; 30X11-14

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Maxxis Zilla Mud Tires

Maxxis Zilla ATV Mud Tire

The Maxxis Zilla is tamer than the Mudzilla and features a lighter tread pattern for quicker acceleration. Its tread pattern is also closer together, making for a smoother trail ride. These tires are found stock on Arctic Cat Mud Pro ATVs.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Zilla Sizes

  • 22X10-9; 22X11-10
  • 23X8-12; 23X10-12
  • 24X8-11; 24X10-11; 24X8-12
  • 25X11-9; 25X11-10; 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X11-12; 26X9-14; 26X11-14
  • 27X9-12, 27X11-12; 27X10-14; 27X12-14
  • 28X10-12; 28X12-12; 28X9-14; 28X11-14
  • 30X9-14; 30X11-14

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Sedona Mud Rebel

Sedona Mud Rebel

Sedona offers two versions of the Mud Rebel : Mud Rebel and Mud Rebel RT. The Mud Rebel is designed to be a bit better in deeper mud, while the radian Mud Rebel RT performs slightly better on hard pack terrain.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mud Rebel Sizes

  • 22X11-9; 22X8-10;  22X11-10
  • 23X8-10; 23X10-10; 23X9-11
  • 24X11-10; 24X9-11; 24X10-11; 24X8-12
  • 25X11-10; 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X10-12; 26X12-12
  • 27X10-14; 27X12-14

Mud Rebel RT Sizes

  • 25X8-12; 25X10-12
  • 26X9-12; 26X10-12; 26X11-12; 26X9-14; 26X11-14
  • 28X10-14 (6 or 8 ply)
  • 30X10-15 (6 or 8 Ply)

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STI Out & Back Max Mud Tires

sti out and back mud tire

STI’s most aggressive mud tire is the Out & Back MAX, boasting 1.5-inch tread depth in the center and 2.0-inch tread depth at the shoulder. These massive, rugged tires weigh between 48.2 and 58.5 pounds.

Tire Ply Rating: 6 or 8 depending on tire size.

Outback MAX Sizes

  • 26X10-12
  • 27X10-12; 27X10-14
  • 28X9.5-14; 28X10-14
  • 30X9.5-14; 30X10-14
  • 32X9.5-14; 32X10-14

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EFX MotoHavoc Mud Tires

EFX MotoHavoc atv mud tire

By far one of the most aggressive mud tires on our list, the EFX MotoHavoc mud tire is everything you need when you come across deep mud. It features a square profile for a smooth ride on hard pack terrain but it shines in the slop where its 2-inch ag-style lugs claw away at the mud propelling your machine forward. The MotoHavoc also features a deep wheel lip protector to protect your custom wheels and has a 6 ply carcass for extreme puncture resistance.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

MotoHavoc Sizes

  • 28X8.5-14
  • 30X8.5-16
  • 32X8.5-14; 32X8.5-18
  • 33X8.5-20, 35X8.5-20
  • 34X8.5-18
  • 37X9.5-22; 37X8.5-24
  • 38X8.5-22
  • 40X9.5-24
  • 42X8.5-24
  • 45X9.5-24

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Highlifter Outlaw 3 Mud Tire

Highlifter Outlaw 3 atv mud tire

Designed to be the baddest of the bad mud tires, Highlifter outdid themselves with the Outlaw 3 mud tire. The Outlaw 3 was made for the serious mudder who’s not afraid to test the limits of their machine by allowing the 1.75-inch deep lugs claw away at the deepest mud they can find. Depending on which size you decide to go with, weights can vary from their lightest 39-pound tire to a whopping 92-pounds.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Outlaw 3 Sizes

  • 28X9-14
  • 29.5X9-14
  • 31X9-16
  • 33X9-18
  • 35X9-20
  • 38X9-22
  • 44X9.5-24

ITP Mammoth Mayem

ITP Mammoth Mayhem Mud Tires

The biggest offering in the Mayhem line of tires from ITP, the Mammoth Mayhem mud tire features extra-deep 2-inch lugs for maximum bite in the loosest slop. The 6-ply construction provides great durability from a tire that has a maximum weight of 55-pounds and great wear resistance from the extended wear rubber compound.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Mammoth Mayhem Sizes

  • 32X10-14

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Sedona Mudda InLaw Mud Tires

Sedona Mudda InLaw atv mud tire

Are you looking to put nasty mud in its place? Just call the Sedona Mudda InLaw mud tires and getting through the nastiest mud pit will get that much easier. It’s only available in three sizes, 32-inches being the tallest, the Mudda InLaw is heavy for its size due to the 8-ply construction for maximum durability. The tall 2-inch lugs also add to the weight but in a positive way since they get taller (2 1/4- inches) at the outside of the tire for increased grip to paddle you through the deepest mud hole.

Tire Ply Rating: 8

Mudda InLaw Sizes

  • 28X10-14
  • 30X10-14
  • 32X10-14

SUPERATV Terminator Mud Tires

SuperATV Terminator ATV Mud Tire

According to SuperATV, you can “dominate the road less traveled” when you mount up a set of their Terminator ATV mud tires. While designed to propel you through the deepest mud with its 2-inch aggressive lug pattern, the Terminator mud tires provide a surprisingly smooth ride that performs well on any terrain. With sizes ranging from 28 to 34-inches tall, which they claim to be true to size, there’s sure to be size that’s perfect for your machine as long as it’s capable of pulling a heavy load since their lightest tire is 46-pounds and heaviest at 59-pounds.

Tire Ply Rating: 6

Terminator Tire Sizes

  • 26.5-10-14
  • 28X10-12; 28X10-14
  • 29.5X10-12;  29.5X10-14
  • 32X10-14
  • 34X10-15; 34X10-18
  • 35X10.5-16

How big of a tire can I fit on my machine?

There are a number of factors to consider when increasing the tire size on your ATV or UTV. How much clearance do you have from the tire to frame when you’re turning? Do you have to purchase new wheels to get the tire size you want? Is your machine even capable of pulling the tire size you’re looking at? Chances are you’re not the only person riding at your spot so look around and see what others are doing to their machines to help make your decision.

If I run any of these tires, does it mean I can only ride in the mud?

Absolutely not! While some of these tires perform their best in deep mud, many of them were designed for great performance in a variety of conditions, but have features to perform better than a standard all-terrain tire in slippery, muddy terrains.

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